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About Greyhounds

Retired racing greyhounds are calm, sweet-natured, intelligent dogs which crave human companionship and affection and get along well with children and other animals. The greyhound’s devotion to people is legendary. Most people have never met a retired racer and are unaware that greyhounds make wonderful and loving companions. They are a clean breed known for having no "doggy" smell. They have short hair with no undercoat, and they shed very little making them ideal house pets. They need no more exercise than a Labrador or a lhasa apso and spend much of their day sleeping or lounging. Truly, greyhounds are 40 mph couch potatoes!

Some Greyhound Facts:

  • Greyhounds placed through Greyhound Pets of America Charleston are usually between two and five years old, with some exceptions.

  • Retired racers are quiet, clean, gentle, good-natured and intelligent dogs that adapt and get along with other animals and children.

  • They are very loving, eager to please and respond positively to any attention given to them.

  • Although greyhounds enjoy a good walk or an occasional playful run in a fenced area, they do not require lots of space.

  • Inside the house, they enjoy curling up in their bed or crate.

  • These pure bred athletes enjoy many years of good health. With proper care, they have a life expectancy of twelve or more years.

Have you made a fast friend yet?

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