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Many people are intimidated by the idea of fostering a retired racing greyhound they worry that they won’t be able to “give the dog up” because they’ll become attached. This is a very valid concern, but if you’re on the fence about fostering, consider the following:


  • Most fostering engagements with Greyhound Pets of America Charleston are limited in time because we have active applications we need to profile and fit a dog to. Therefore, we require no more than 3-4 weeks for the novice foster home. The dog already has the potential to be placed in a waiting and approved forever home.

  • As a foster home, you are not required to have a large yard, nor do you need to “run” the foster dog. They are often times just as happy to hang around with you and your family. At times we receive dogs who are no longer allowed to run because of track injuries. They need no special medical attention, but activity beyond a few 15-30 minute walks a day is not recommended.

  • Fostering is rewarding. Knowing that you are part of a process that leads to a sweet, loving dog finding a home with a loving family and a soft bed to lie on is just one of the perks!

  • We can only bring up as many dogs as we have foster homes for. Therefore, as we struggle with our foster home shortage, families must wait for up to 6 weeks for our next delivery and dogs who might have been retired could lose that opportunity.

  • Greyhound Pets of America Charleston provides all the necessary supplies, including food, crates, bowls, toys and additional fostering needs. The dog’s expenses are covered by our treasury. All you must provide is the love. Training for new foster homes is also provided.

** Update** As for February 2022, we are not accepting new applications for fostering as we are unsure if and when we will have greyhounds for adoption.  

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