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Adoption Information 

Should I Adopt?

Adopting a racing greyhound is a noble, commendable thing to do. However, as with any pet, you should learn about the breed and prepare yourself for the lifestyle changes that will occur. Ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Am I looking for a furry family member or just a plaything for my kids?

  • Do I have a commitment to an animal that is needy? Dogs are needy, not like cats.

  • Have I begun to research the adjustments needed to take in this new family member?

  • Do I want an indoor pet, a true couch potato who is most comfortable inside?

  • Are my family members/significant others committed to caring for this new friend too?

  • What will be the easiest changes for me? What will be the most challenging?

  • Am I financially ready for this? Dogs require monthly heartworm and flea preventative treatments.


This is by far not the exhaustive list of questions you should ask yourself, but it’s a start. Adopting a greyhound will be rewarding, exciting and challenging at times…as with any other life adjustment you make. Greyhound Pets of America – Charleston and its members will serve as your support group and can be a resource for any question or problem you may encounter.

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