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Adoption Process Overview

** Please note that we are currently NOT accepting new applications for adoption due to the limited number of adoptable greyhounds in the southeast. We have been lucky to receive hounds from West Virginia and we hope that this will continue but we are uncertain if and when we will have greyhounds for adoption. Our group is always available to help greyhounds in need of rehoming as well. 

If you are a current adopter and are interested in adopting in the future, please email us. 

If you are interested in being placed on our waitlist, please fill out the wait list form. But please understand that we will place available greyhounds in the best home for the hound which may not coincide with the order that your waitlist application was received.

Step 1: Read Should I Adopt?

Step 2:  We will contact you via email and/or phone once we have a potential greyhound for your home. 

Step 3: We will have you fill out our full adoption application. 

Step 4: Set up a home visit or come to an event to interact with our dogs and speak with a representative.

At your home visit, we request all members be present if possible. With that in mind, we require you secure the agreement of all members of your family, including frequent visitors to your house or extended family members who you will visit with your greyhound to care for this pet.

Step 5: Read A Guide for the Care and Training of the Retired Racing Greyhound written by members of GPA-Charleston. We also request that you read one of the following books including Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia A. Branigan or Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies by Lee Livingood. If you have a small child in the home we recommend that you also read ChildProofing Your Dog by Brian Kilcommons and Sara Wilson.

Step 7: Meet the dog profiled to be a good fit for your home.

Step 8: Be scheduled for adoption, if your profiled dog meets your needs. At the time of adoption, all responsible parties who will be primary care givers and are 18 years or older must sign the adoption contract, confirming agreement with the terms of adoption.

Step 9:  The adoption fee as of March 1, 2022 is $750.  The adoption fee may vary depending on the medical needs of the hound and the age of the hound. 

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